29 Feb 2024 In Settings, we added the ability to enable/disable notifications once a session is over. Now you can choose whether you want to receive notifications or not.

07 Dec 2023 Now, in the Tasks section, you can see the number of Pomodoros you've spent on each task. Also, now you can see the time of each task completion.

06 Dec 2023 We enhanced our tasks UI. It became more convenient to use and more mobile-friendly.

06 Dec 2023 In July, we implemented our PWA (Progressive Web App). Since then, you can install Pomotastic on your device and use it as a native app. If you're using Pomotastic as not a PWA, we added the icon with info on how to use it as a PWA.

04 Dec 2023 In Settings, we added the ability to change the colors for different sessions: Pomodoro, Short Break, and Long Break. Now you can choose the color you like for each session.

12 Oct 2023 We added the ability to see the previous post in our blog. So, reading any interesting article, at the bottom of that, you will find the link to the previous article.

07 Aug 2023 Now, on smaller mobile screens, the buttons Pomodoro/Short Break/Long Break are placed in one row. In addition, now when you press the Enter button, the confirm modal window will appear.

26 Jul 2023 Many users asked to add the ability to change the intervals. We did it! Now you can change the following intervals: Pomodoro, Short break, and Long break.

08 Jul 2023 Pomotastic is now available as PWA (Progressive Web App) - look for an icon in your browser's address bar and install the app on your device!

08 Jul 2023 UI is changed again: new primary colors, and changed styles for tasks. Also, the speed of Pomotastic is improved.

05 Jul 2023 Pomotastic UI is changed. On bigger screens (laptops and above), now your tasks are located on the right side of the primary part of the app. Also, the sound of time counting is finished changed. Now, it's calmer and more pleasant.

04 Jul 2023 Added settings. Now you can Turn off the sound after the timer ends and Start the next timer automatically.

29 Jun 2023 The blog is created. There you will find information about productivity - notes, techniques, insights, and recommendations.

12 May 2023 Now the state of the app is saved even after reloading your browser! Also, the icons are changed.

10 May 2023 Now you can complete the current task you're working on by pressing Enter.

08 May 2023 The project is launched officially.

01 May 2023 The domain name is registered.